Clipping & Trimming


Horses need to be clipped during the winter months to allow them to continue to work comfortably and alleviate excessive sweating, to prevent the horse from chilling during the cool down period. There are a variety of different clips to choose from, and also the option to customise your own. Check the information and prices below to see which clip would best suit your horse and horse's workload. 

Take A Look At The Images Below and Find The Clip To Suit You  


Trimming may be done on a routine basis for the general care and welfare of the horse, in preparation for a show, or just a general makeover! Check the information and prices below to spruce up your equines appearance. 

 Show Preparation

We don't all have time to plait up before a competition, or maybe some people just cant plait. Whichever it may be, we can help you make your equine into the star before the event. Check information and prices below.

Take A Look At The Images Below For A Glimpse At Our Handy Work 

Types of Clip  


Full Clip     -    Suitable for horses in    -   Hard work         

Hunter         -     Suitable for horses in    -   Hard work 

Blanket       -    Suitable for horses in    -   Medium work     

High Trace  -  Suitable for horses in     -   Medium work      

Low Trace   -   Suitable for horses in    -    Light work         

Chaser         -   Suitable for horses in    -   Medium work     

Neck+Belly  -   Suitable for horses in    -  Light work            

Discount may be given if clipping more than one animal at the same venue on the same day.  Contact us for more details.    



£45 - £60  (Dependent on size of animal)

£35 - £45 (Dependent on size of animal)






Trimming & Show Preparation 

 Pull Mane             

Pull Tail               

Clip Legs              



Trim Feathers               

Plait Mane           

Plait Tail                










 Please Note 

an additional charge may be added for the exceptionally difficult horses. If your horse is known to be difficult to Clip, trim or plait, this should be disclosed prior to booking to allow for extra time. Trimming Ears & whiskers is only offered in conjunction with the other services.